Dhasvehi is the learning content management system of VIHS. Students can log in to Dhasvehi and download various subject resources such as notes, presentations, videos, etc. Students can also access online lessons and quizzes with instant feedback, upload assignments, read teachers' feedback on assignments, etc.

Dhasvehi will be used throughout your A Level studies at VIHS, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools are closed temporarily.

You must log in to Dhasvehi every day and check for new resources uploaded for each of the subjects you are enrolled in, learn using the uploaded resources and submit all assignments on time.

If you have any problems related to Dhasvehi, email the details to dhasvehi@vihs.edu.mv, preferably from your student email.

Moodle mobile app

Dhasvehi, which is powered by Moodle, can be accessed from any browser by browsing to https://dhasvehi.vihs.edu.mv. However, students are strongly advised to install the Moodle mobile app from https://download.moodle.org/mobile or from Google play or App Store. This app provides offline access to many of the resources you have previously accessed online.

After installing the Moodle mobile app, open it and type dhasvehi.vihs.edu.mv for Site address and click CONNECT! and type your username/password, which you can get from this page.

Student Email

Student email, ending with @students.vihs.edu.mv, can be used to reset your Dhasvehi password (if you forget it). Teachers may also instruct you to use the student email for other purposes, such as to enroll in Google Classroom.

You are advised to add your student email account to the Gmail app on your phone or tablet, after you get your student email address and password from this page.

You can access your student email account from https://gmail.com using a browser or from the Gmail mobile app.

Instructions: How to get Username and Password for Dhasvehi and Student Email

We have recently launched our New Dhasvehi with higher security and more features. Grade 12 students' old passwords will not work in the New Dhasvehi.

If you have not logged into the New Dhasvehi and/or Student Email for the first time, complete this form and click 'Show Credentials'.