Welcome to Villa International High School (VIHS)!

You are a registered student of VIHS.


National ID card number: A360242

Date of birth: Thursday, September 22, 2005

VIHS Student ID: S2213139

Class: 11O

House: GAMMA


Please check the subjects listed above VERY CAREFULLY.

Please note that the student's class may change if he/she drops/adds/changes a subject and that any changes to subjects depends on the availability of seats in the chosen subject combination.

New students and their parents/guardians are requested to check the following details VERY carefully:

- Name: Is the name complete and spelled as in the National ID Card?

- National ID Card Number (NID): Is the National ID Card (NID) number correct?

- Subjects: Are the enrolled subjects correct?


Dhivehi and Islam are required for A Level national top ten and presidential scholarships.

All students must study at least TWO stream (Edexcel/Cambridge IAL) subjects.

Up to FIVE stream (Edexcel/Cambridge IAL) subjects will be offered based on academic merit as demonstrated by your O Level/IGCSE results.

The maximum number of subjects offered to a student is SEVEN.

If there are any errors or omissions above, or if you have a request, please write it below ALONG WITH YOUR CONTACT NUMBER (for identity verification and follow-up) and press the 'Submit Correction/Request' button.

If the student's name and subjects are correct, and if you have no request, please press the 'The data above are correct' button.

Please contact VIHS Office (3303224) between 8 am and 2:30 pm on working days if you have a query.